This is what happens between releases.

release 1.4.0 - (2015-02-16)

  • Spring Platform 1.1.1
  • JDK 1.7 is now the minimum required version

release 1.3.6 - (2013-12-19)

  • Spring Framework 4.0.0 ready
  • JDK 1.6 is now the minimum required version
  • #3 new: better appliance of the Apache License v2 (Simone Tripodi)

release 1.3.0 - (2012-08-22)

  • #2 new: added provider attribute to almost all elements so that a custom provider can be configured (think BouncyCastle) (Martin Bosak)
  • new: the namespace for the whole project has been moved to

    Migration guide: a very simple search and replace in your projects will do the trick:

    • in the xml files: becomes
    • in the java files: import becomes import com.springcryptoutils
    • NB: the maven coordinates are unchanged (they still have in the groupId)

release 1.2.0 - (2012-05-10)

release 1.1.1 - (2012-02-02)

  • spring crypto utils is now in maven central, so there's no extra repository to setup in the pom.

    If you had previously setup our custom repository, you can safely remove it from your poms now as all previous versions have also been uploaded to central. There are no source code changes in this release.

release 1.1.0 - (2012-01-29)

  • fix: non-existant alias name should throw an error
  • new: added crypt:secretKey element
  • new: added support for mac (message authentication codes)

release 1.0.1 - (2012-01-25)

  • new: added support for configuring a keystore using conventional java system properties and through the <crypt:defaultKeystore/> configuration element

release 1.0.0 - (2011-09-15)

  • first public stable release